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Jun 6, 2012
4th custom video for my one and only J. I.
Sneak peek from my custom video. Photos coming 3....2....1....day(s) >P. "J's  Skanky Smokin' ...(more)
Jun 6, 2012
Lingerie anyone?
Lingerie and Louboutins for outfit 2? More photos cummmmmmming in the next update. :) (more)
May 5, 2012
I'm a red kinda girl.

As the date gets closer, I have to start deciding on which outfits to...(more)

May 5, 2012
Ocean Wetlook - Part 2
Uh-oh...I dropped my realtor's book, fallen and don't want to get up! (more)
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2016-02-03 (32 photos) 
Out in the tropics, the weather is hot and humid. The A/C has broken in the office and with this summer heat, Alexis found the perfect way t...
2016-01-27 (20 photos) 
I just received my new and very sexy $600 GianMarco Lorenzi ankle boots. You can't help but notice these beautiful boots with it's plush lea...
2016-01-20 (60 photos) 
What started as a seductive nude painting turned into a messy catfight as I wrestled with the other model for domination. We were suppose to...
2016-01-13 (31 photos) 
While fishing in my neon pink stiletto pumps, I managed to snag my hook onto my girlfriend's bikini top. And what a sexy catch she is! I gue...
2016-01-06 (18 photos) 
See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil and...DO NO EVIL: Satin and leather gloves, a tight leather corset and lace underwear, what could b...
2015-11-25 (11 photos from the archives) 
Nothing but fishnets and cowboy boots: I found these soft leather stiletto cowboy boots hiding in my closet. I find them to be rather sexy w...
2015-11-18 (66 photos from the archives) 
Alexis's Sexy High Heels Windsurfing Tutorial! Learn to windsurf in style. Alexis teaches beginners how to windsurf in her $500 Gianmarco Lo...
2015-11-11 (67 photos from the archives) 
Alexis and her sexy girlfriends are the hot ring-girls for BJ Penn's "Just Scrap" fights. Tight short shorts and 4 inch stiletto heels are t...
2015-11-04 (39 photos from the archives) 
Alexis has done it again! She's gotten her barely worn pointy toe pumps dirty, scuffed and damaged after a day at work. She's perfectly dres...
2015-10-21 (31 photos from the archives) 
Embarrassed from having fallen on all fours earlier, I cautiously stood up. Hoping to wash off the remaining mud, I sauntered towards the on...

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